Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CSS Zen Garden Exercise Web/Mobile

Usability Test Analysis

The usability test we had on the 14th of November showed our group both strengths and weaknesses of our constructed site.  

  •  The website's purpose was easily identifiable
  • Navigating the website was relatively easy
  • Having the contact information always present was preferred
  • The site felt like a legitimate site for 7 out of the 8 participants
  • The number one weakness that I feel our site had was the lack of a home page. Participants often were confused when asked to choose the "About us" section and nothing happened. Clicking on the paw icon also redirected the participants to the About us section .
  • Pricing was difficult to find, the incorporation of an infographic was suggested multiple times.
  • Social media incorporation was unnecessary in some cases
  • Website would not be recommended by 2 participants

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Chase Bank Field Trip Response

The Chase Building in Polaris was nothing less than massive. From the tour we learned what a major business is like on the inside and had the opportunity to see it's inner workings. What was most interesting is the numerous amount of rooms and departments that are within the building and that they all work to further chase as a company.

Another interesting insight was to see what Chase looks for in user experience. We felt that over the duration of the tour we could see what user experience meant to chase and how they did business. In relation to class, what was interesting is that different businesses although attracting different customers use similar methods of successful usability techniques to gain business. Things like ease of access and what a person does when they access a site for the first time is what we're focusing on in class.

Identity Strategy

An identity should be able to communicate a business effectively and limit any possible confusion. A strategy that Four Paws can implicate in order to solidify their identity as a company and further expand off of said identity is as follows:

Business Name

A business name is practically the foundation of what a business does. It is what people will read first and it is what is used when communicating with other businesses and clients. Furthermore, with Four Paws K-9 Pest Detection LLC, maintaining a solid and continuous business name is paramount to maximizing communication and will minimize confusion. An idea for Four Paws is to stick with a name like "Four Paws Pest Detection". It doesn't give away too much information but just enough to go in a tag line. In class, we've been referring to the business as simply "Four Paws" and I feel that keeping "Four Paws" in the name is almost essential at this point.

Website Tagline

The website tagline is the second thing a person will most likely read when visiting the web site. It has to be short & sweet, but also maintain formal structure so Four Paws can keep a professional image. It could vary however, because they have many ways to approach an appropriate tag line. It could communicate their efficiency, prices, or even their dog. Another idea for a tagline could appeal to their identity as women run business it could use ideas like "Women's intuition..." or even appeal to privacy of their clients.
Possible tag lines: "Women owned, women operated, pest detection." "The nose, knows best in detection of pests."


A logo is the visual attribute that will carry a companies identity as well as their image. Currently, Four Paws's logo lacks the identity of a detection service. Based on usability tests and interview conducted, the association of their logo along with what their business actually does was not always identified correctly. In order to craft a perfect logo, we believe four paws should take a few key words that describe their business as a whole and incorporate traits of those words within a logo. Some discrepancy will need to be used with incorporation of these traits as overuse could be damaging to the image of the business.
Some examples of keywords are: Pest, dog, women, inspection, and confidential.

URL/Domain name

This needs to be short and sweet as well because, simply put, a url that is too long will drive away attention. People are lazy and the current URL is way too long.
Suggestions for a url could be :,


An email address is essential to scheduling appointments. As for their identity, we believe that since they connect with clients on a personal level that they should have their names in the addresses. They should definitely have this as a separate email address from their personal one.

Facebook name

The Facebook name should be the same as the business name so there is no confusion between the two.

Social Media

In some cases, having a social media hub is necessary. Today having prominence in popular social media is a source of credibility in the business world. In Four Paws case, we believe that in order to maintain their identity as a confidential company, they can only have certain social media like Facebook or YouTube. Facebook can be used as a link to the actual site and YouTube would be used to show inspection processes and demonstrations. Twitter is unnecessary because there is little use in live bed bug inspection updates. Even if it was used to communicate socially the audience would be relatively low compared to the work put in to maintain the Twitter.